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TRIHILL’s demolition services for residential and commercial spaces include everything from interior work knocking down walls and floors, to working on exterior structures like garages. Whether you’re a business owner looking to tear down a warehouse or you’re a future homeowner looking to scrap an old home to start anew, it’s important not to rush into demo work – turn to a professional company like the experts at TRIHILL.

Such a complex and dangerous task requires professional expertise and knowledge of practicing safety protocols. By trusting TRIHILL with your demolition work, you can rest assured our work is completed efficiently. We will inform you of the availability of materials and the expected timeline to ensure we stick to your schedule as closely as possible. 

We arrive equipped with the tools and equipment necessary for a demolition project. As licensed demolition contractors, we have access to items like beams and lead pipes, and the experience of handling such dangerous instruments is of great value. We are also technically skilled and trained to use heavy-duty equipment and machinery to clear and maneuver the job site. Demolition is a dangerous task to complete on your own. Hiring TRIHILL rids you free of dealing with large chunks of fallen debris, the risks on the construction site, and the intricacies of electrical and plumbing lines. 

Throughout the job, there will be fallen waste and debris and our experts know how to take care of these remains. Whether it’s metal or wood pieces, reusable or recyclable, or dangerous materials like asbestos that need to be handled with care, we know how to transport and dispose of the scrap at the designed waste and management sites.

Our demolition contractors will ensure that both provincial and environmental regulations are met. Lastly, we clean up to make sure there is no toxic waste or shards of metal in the surrounding area. We inspect thoroughly and stand by our quality assurance. 

Our team of licensed demolition contractors are trained for all your demolition needs, with detailed planning from start to finish. We work efficiently and safely in a timely manner making sure to stay within your budget. Using a professional Toronto demolition service like TRIHILL is the smarter, faster, and safer way to demo. We provide excellent customer service and prioritize communication every step of the demolition process. After our demo is complete, you have a brand new space to start building from the ground up!

Type of Residential Demolition Services Toronto

Full Demolition

Our team of demo experts can remove any structure no matter the size, type, and location.

A full demolition includes everything from obtaining permits and securing equipment, to tearing down walls, foundations, and roofs, to clean up and waste disposal. 

Interior Demolition

An interior demolition project requires proper planning and execution. Before beginning work inside the property, we’ll clearly define what your goals are with this interior demo so we can align our services to meet those intentions accordingly. Next, we’ll provide you with a strategy and a step-by-step order for how we will proceed moving forward.

After, we’ll perform a thorough walkthrough to take note of ducts, pipes, and panels that need dismantling. If you need interior demolition services of any kind in the Toronto area, TRIHILL is the demolition company for you.

Exterior Demolition

Rather than simply changing the interior aesthetic of your home, consider our exterior demolition services to completely revamp the look of your entire property.​​

Whether you want us to remove a wall or excavate entirely for a new addition, our experts are here to help.

Garage Demolition

The location and complexity of the job will factor into the cost of a garage demolition and almost always, we will need a permit to begin working. We will turn off gas, water, and electricity, remove roofing materials, remove any trim, tear off garage siding, rip out the drywall, remove garage doors, pull out windows, and dismantle the framing.

If you’re a homeowner in the GTA and you are looking to get rid of an old garage or a shed that’s in bad shape, our team of demolition experts work swiftly and effectively without damaging the surrounding property.

Kitchen Demolition

A kitchen demo involves removing old appliances, tearing out old materials, removing countertops, cabinets, taking up the floor covering, removing all the sheetrock and non-loadbearing walls, and exposing all the wiring and plumbing.

We make sure to properly disconnect, remove, and get rid of all fixtures and materials safety.

Bathroom Demolition

TRIHILL’s professional demolition contractors commit themselves to an involved process to tear down your bathroom.

Our tasks include shutting off bathroom electricity, shutting off the water supply, removing your toilet, removing the bathtub or cover it up with a sheet, removing any amenities on walls/counter, removing cabinets, turning off the water valve, removing flooring, removing baseboards if necessary, removing lighting fittings, and tearing down drywall.

Why Choose TRIHILL House Demolition Experts

At TRIHILL, we have the very best when it comes to our residential demolition contractors. Our team is meticulous about our work and ensures that we have all the permits in hand before starting any demolition.

Our team uses the latest tech and equipment to provide GTA homeowners with elite demolition services. In addition to the demo, we perform an extensive clean-up, leaving you with a restored site once we are done.

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If you want to update your home or commercial space, we are the team for you. We can also take our services outside and demo that garage or shed you’ve been eager to change for years now. Allow us to start your journey of new beginnings by contacting TRIHILL today for a free consultation and estimate.