Slab On Grade Foundation Services

TRIHILL offers premium slab on grade foundation services for homes in Toronto and the surrounding GTA. This type of poured concrete foundation is a common practice utilized in most homes. The flat solid concrete piece that your home rests upon can be located near the ground on the outside perimeter of your home. If you go and check out your basement, garage, or shed, odds are slab on grade foundation was installed.

In Canada, areas in the home that are heated or insulated can benefit from foundation slab because of the long winters. The alternative is concrete slab which is an ineffective method for foundation because the concrete will crack if it’s exposed to freeze-thaw conditions.

The location of your lot also plays a factor in the effectiveness of slab on grade foundation. If your property is located on soil that has a high bearing capacity and is proven to be stable, then this is advantageous.

Homeowners prefer this type of foundation method as well because it is easier and less costly than other options. TRIHILL’s team of experienced contractors work swiftly and proficiently to finish your construction project staying on schedule and within budget.

What is Slab On Grade Foundation?

To best understand what slab on grade foundation is, lets breakdown what exactly is being referred to. The “slab” refers to a slab of concrete that is poured all at once, and in the context of the construction industry, “grade” is another word for ground. Thus, slab on grade is when the slab is poured on a prepared ground lot and there is no space between the ground and the slab. 

A slab on grade foundation is considered a shallow foundation, one of five of these basic types used in construction, because it essentially “floats” on the soil surface without a significant amount of deep underground support.

If your house is dated or the foundation slabs were installed incorrectly, they may be susceptible to damage. Contact TRIHILL for residential foundation contractors who can install new slab on grade foundation. Our contractors have gained valuable experience working in construction over the years and always work with precision and care.

We are a reliable slab-on-grade foundation company whose thorough checks include inspecting for potential cracks, indicating soil upheaval, and viewing signs of foundation settlement. If unexpected problems do arise, we offer a plethora of innovative and safe solutions. There is no problem we haven’t seen and dealt with accordingly. You can count on TRIHILL to execute a high degree of workmanship in a very timely manner.

Design & Planning of Concrete Slab Foundation

TRIHILL offers professional concrete slab services for any type of residential project. With years of experience and a diversified portfolio of completed projects, we will effectively design and plan your concrete slab foundation project. Our slab-on-grade process begins by digging a perimeter and grid of trenches to make the foundation. Once the ground is prepared, we pour all the concrete simultaneously directly onto the designated area. The slabs measure in at about 4 to 6” thick. The concrete is reinforced with steel rebar throughout. For the post-tension foundation, instead of using rebar here, we use a woven grid of cable.

Finally, the gravel is covered with backfill and soil. Whether you are looking for slab-on-grade installments for a basement, garage, or outdoor shed, our methods are feasible for all sorts of applications. The TRIHILL team would love the opportunity to get to show you our techniques in action!

Advantages of Slab On Grade Foundation

There are plenty of reasons why you should choose this type of base for your house in the GTA:

  • Slab on grade foundation will save homeowners financially because there is no crawl space or basement to budget for. This is especially true considering a basement can be a very expensive proposition.
  • Another benefit of living without a basement or crawl space is you are less at risk of damage from flooding or leaking gasses.
  • Without a crawl space or basement, you will save on utility bills. Heating and cooling requirements are significantly less.
  • Slab on grade foundation also provides protection from pests and rodents as there are no open spaces underneath the house that allow insects to chew wooden joists or supports. Furthermore, mold and mildew will not be an issue.
  • Slab on grade foundation is much easier to construct and is faster to install than other foundation methods. Concrete slabs dry quicker meaning construction can move along without delay. The average duration of the construction process is less than a few days, the prep time notwithstanding.
  • Slab on grade foundation is mindful of those less physically able. The home is built closer to the ground resulting in a more accessible entryway with less steps.
  • The flooring options available with slab on grade foundation are of a much greater selection compared to other bases.

Why Choose Us

TRIHILL prides itself on being one of the top construction companies in Toronto and the GTA. We have a vast portfolio showcasing completed slab-on-grade foundation projects ranging in size, location, and complexity.

Safety is a major emphasis of ours, so we have familiarized ourselves with the Ontario Building Code and follow all bylaws governing foundation construction. We also value our homeowners’ commitment to choosing TRIHILL and this is a trust we aim to protect. 

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