Commercial Concrete Forming

Concrete is one of the most widely used materials in the construction industry. It is versatile, cost-effective, and extremely durable. Because concrete is poured, it can be shaped into anything you want. 

All concrete is poured into a frame. You’ll see concrete on sidewalks, construction sites, and possibly even your patio or garage floor. Commercial concrete forms can either be removed or left in place.

At TriHill, we are proud to be the top choice in concrete forming solutions in the GTA. We have a strong portfolio of work that demonstrates our outstanding concrete solutions like foundation walls, slab and drain work, and foundational repairs.

Commercial Concrete Forming Experts

Construction of a commercial building requires experienced contractors with safety and efficiency in mind. TriHill understands that big projects need to be completed on time, on budget, and without mistakes. Commercial concrete forms need to be cut and constructed with precision. The safety of the entire building depends on it. Concrete sets and its strength depends on the proper forms.  Concrete is usually at risk of cracking and without the proper support, it won’t set correctly. These weaknesses need to be avoided for all buildings, but larger buildings, like an office towers, need to be able to hold the weight.

Commercial projects need experts working on all aspects of construction. The concrete and the concrete forms are where it all begins and the rest of the building starts there. Various materials are used for forms. Wood is most often used but can absorb water out of the concrete. Other materials that are becoming more popular for concrete forms are steel, aluminium, manufactured timber, plywood, plastics, and fabric. Here at TriHill, we are the leading experts on concrete forming in the GTA. We make forms for new construction or repairs to your commercial or residential properties.

Foundation Forming

The foundation is the beginning of the building. This is ultimately where the entire weight of the building is. Your commercial concrete contractor understands how important this is. The forms for foundations need to be strong and durable. Concrete is heavy and can often break through the forms to drop, spill or even dry deformed. The foundation forms set the bar for the rest of the buildings.

All foundations need forms. Foundations are most susceptible to damage. They are against the elements, so the forms used to build the foundation are vital. Even a building of one or two stories requires a solid foundation to be built on. TriHill works with safety in mind first and foremost. We have been experts in commercial concrete forming for several years. We work together as a team to make sure the job is done correctly and on time.

Retail Stores and Plazas

Commercial forms play a big part in the construction of retail stores, plazas, and malls. Many have underground parking, sometimes several floors of it. TriHill works with you, the customer, to provide excellent customer service.

There are often multiple washrooms, food courts, and several floors in any given plaza or retail store. When concrete is used for these types of structures, concrete forms must be used. The team at TriHill works hard to meet the demands of every single one of our customers. We understand that your time is important and we strive to complete every project on time.

Industrial Development

Building a large warehouse requires a commercial concrete company that understands the ins and outs of warehouse buildings. These buildings often need to be able to support the weight of storage and large vehicles. These floors and the foundation bear a lot of weight. It’s important that the concrete is set right and that the forms are able to hold it all in place.

Concrete will naturally crack, but when it is allowed to set completely, the cracks have far less risk of becoming larger. Heavy equipment and the constant weight of products and forklifts can take their toll. Any type of building used for storage that requires extra strong construction must have  concrete that is perfectly  formed. Concrete floors that endure large cargo trucks every day need to be extremely strong and durable.

Low-Rise Offices

Office buildings are only a few floors but construction and design can be complicated and difficult. Depending on the location and the design, forms may be used for the foundation, the walls, the floors, and outside for parking or sidewalks.

TriHill makes temporary and permanent forms that play a vital role in the construction of an office building. Not all the floors are alike and the dimensions of each room and floor will vary. We provide full-service concrete solutions including foundations, drainage systems, walls, and all types of concrete and foundation repairs. TriHill has the expertise to deliver top-notch concrete forming services.

Why Choose TriHill

TriHill is one of the leading construction companies in the GTA, specializing in concrete forming for residential and commercial properties.

If you’re still searching for “the best commercial concrete contractors near me,” look no further than our team at TriHill. No project is too hard to handle for our team of experts. Call us today for all your commercial concrete solutions!