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Excavation is essential for a building to be constructed. It is a complex process that requires much more than simply digging a hole in the ground. Our excavation contractors at TRIHILL prepare the construction site by moving and removing soil, rock, and other materials to form an open hole, tunnel, trench, or cavity.

We do so by drilling, grading, and trench digging while using heavy machinery such as bulldozers, excavators, backhoes, and forward loaders, and a variety of other tools and equipment. The main purpose of excavation is to create a level and stable foundation for the rest of the project and the surrounding properties.

TRIHILL has years of experience in the construction industry, offering our services in Toronto and across the GTA. We ensure reliable excavation solutions with unmatched customer service and reasonable pricing.

Our full spectrum of excavation services ensures that you get everything taken care of from the onset to the very end, all by the same team of experts. We will handle any potential or unforeseen issues and always prioritize safety and security of your property. 

Types of Excavating Services Trihill Offers

Site Preparation and Clearing – Before we begin digging, moving, or clearing out any materials, TRIHLL works with experts such as permit services, land surveyors, and utility companies to prepare ahead. Once the preliminary work is dealt with, our contractors free up the area by removing any obstacles such as trees, boulders, bushes, and logs to then stake out the newly unoccupied space. 

Excavation and Grading – TRIHILL’s team of professionals will grade and smooth out the soil, demolish any obstructing pre-existing structures, and then transport the dirt and debris away. Grading the soil is vital before starting excavation to make sure proper drainage can take place, both on the surface and under the ground, but also that the basement stays dry. Site work is a valuable requisite so that the area is stabilized for the construction project, and we eliminate any concerns of erosion or damage due to drainage issues. 

Trenching and Shoring – Our skilled contractors will dig the trenches required for foundation footings, drainage pipes, utility lines, water pipes, and sewage pipes.

Demolition and Removal – The qualified team assigned to your excavation project will demolish, remove, and appropriately dispose of portions of, or complete structures. This may include residential and commercial buildings, pavings, site improvements, and foundations.  

Foundation Excavation – In order to create space for the foundation, we begin excavating by removing the earth from the allotted area. The trench may need to be reinforced as earth is removed, depending on the depth and hardness of the soil.

Backfilling and Compaction – Once excavation and the related work is completed, the process of putting the soil back into the foundation or trench, otherwise known as backfilling, is set in motion. TRIHILL’s top contractors are well-versed in soil conditions, which is important for backfilling to be optimized because every area of soil has unique characteristics, requiring different construction techniques. Also, we work to prevent impact loading of any pipeline, cabling, shaft, structure, or other buried elements when placing and compacting backfill. 

Benefits of Hiring an Excavator Professional

Hiring TRIHILL’s excavation services benefits residential and commercial owners in Toronto and the GTA in the following ways:

Why Choose Us

Excavation projects are intricate and challenging types of construction work. There are many variables such as the type of soil, the dimensions of the area, the season, the labour, and more that offer their own obstacles that can threaten or setback the success of the entire operation.

With that in mind, TRIHILL’s excavation services proactively plan, and our professionals remain active and promptly responsive throughout the job. It is especially important to prioritize safety and security because it is easy to cause significant damage in the immediate, but even the tiniest of missteps can be sufficient in causing adverse consequences and wreaking havoc down the line.

Over the years, our excavation services have been utilized for custom home foundations, pools, new house additions, water mains, demolition, driveways, trenching, soil removal and underground oil tank removal among others. We specialize in site preparation, clearing materials, excavation, grading, trenching, shoring, demolition, removal, foundation excavation, backfilling, compaction, and cleanup.

Whether it’s for removal, repairing, replacing, or support, a strong structural foundation is essential for building. TRIHILL’s excavating services near me are customized for basements, driveways, foundations, parking lots, and more.

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The success of any construction project starts with a solid, well-prepared foundation. That is why a carefully excavated building site is so important. Avoid unnecessary risk, damage to the environment, more mistakes, and wasted time and money by choosing TRIHILL’s professional excavation services.

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