Residential Concrete Forming

Residential Concrete Forming Experts

When you drive along the road and see a new base of a condo building or shopping mall, this is called concrete forming which is an integral part of the construction. This job must be done with perfection and dedicated effort as it is the foundation of all buildings. If your team is searching for a reliable residential concrete forming company, then look no further than Trihill.

Our company offers a variety of services like custom homes, mid-rise developments, and even townhouses. We can support your efforts by giving you a solid foundation that you can depend on for years to come. Continue reading to learn more about our state-of-the-art concrete forming services

Foundation Forming

As we stated before, concrete is a crucial element to any construction site, and nothing can be done until it’s poured or shaped. The weight of the project depends on it so we take our time and implement every step with precision and perfection. Whether we’re working on simple foundations, like setting the base for a shed, or bigger projects, like a condo building, we handle it all and oversee the entire construction process.

Not only do we create personalized schedules for concrete pours, but we follow financial plans too. No matter the size of the project, we are ready to form the foundation for all types of projects. 

A solid foundation is very important. It can prevent foundational fixes, which can be costly, and ensures the stability of a building. With a foundation that is poured and formed to the highest standards, the building will be more resilient against floods and earthquakes. Thanks to the PERI concrete scaffolding systems we use, you can be confident that we are getting the job done right.

Not only does this system reduce costs, but it offers flexibility too as it can be used for light frameworks to heavy-duty forms. It can be used for shoring, re-shoring, slab frameworks, and hydraulic climbing systems. With PERI, we are limitless and have the power to help with concrete podiums, parking garages, high-rises, and bridge pylons.

Custom Homes

If you’re looking for a unique house, one that stands out from the rest of the neighbourhood and wows people when they pull up into your driveway, then partner with Trihill. You can’t have a custom home without a custom foundation form. We will sit with you to understand your vision and build it from the ground up. Being a leader of construction companies in the GTA, we treat your home like our own. 

Alongside full-build customization, we can also assist with home additions. Would you like to add an enclosed sunroom or make your kitchen bigger? No matter the reason, we are eager to work with you. Home additions can also include a garage that acts as a second dwelling, either for friends or family to live in. You may even use it as an in-law suite. You want it built with stability in mind so let us help you achieve your vision.


Our Toronto concrete company doesn’t stop at single-home residences. With a booming population, we understand the need to utilize space, and a way to do this is through building townhouses.

With our teams’ thorough understanding of the construction process, we can work closely with you to form any foundation for a townhouse blueprint. We take pride in staying on time and on budget, so we can meet your deadlines.

Mid-Rise Developments

An increasing number of apartment buildings are being built. With such a high demand, you need concrete-forming companies to partner with who are knowledgeable, professional, and work with excellence.

We are that partner! There are no projects that are too complex for us. We thrive off of complexity and can handle whatever blueprint you throw our way.

Why Choose Trihill

Apart from what we talked about above, we offer a multitude of additional residential services including multi-unit dwellings, large subdivision developments, and underground garages. We are a team who will stick with you for long-term, complex projects. 

We know that the foundation of a building is crucial. If concrete is not properly poured or formed, it can cause serious issues like the structure warping or even buckling. This can come with some even more detrimental consequences. If you want to avoid this and you want a team of experts who can bring your blueprint to life, then partner with us today. Make the call!