The Benefits of Concrete as a Construction Material

When it comes to building materials, you can’t go wrong with concrete. There are many advantages of using concrete in construction. The experts at TriHill have outlined the benefits and why concrete is the perfect material for residential and commercial construction forms.

Concrete is Environmentally-Friendly

Concrete used in construction is found and mixed locally. This means it doesn’t need to be shipped in and doesn’t deplete resources.

Plus, concrete does not let off toxic fumes, gas, or other dangerous compounds. It can be recycled and used for many other things, keeping it out of landfills. It can be repaired using more concrete.

Concrete is Highly Cost-Effective

Another great advantage of concrete in construction is that it is affordable. The ingredients are readily available and once poured, last for decades. 

You can also save money on your insurance, as the security and durability will outlast many other types of material. There is rarely a need to repair or replace concrete, which keeps the costs low.

Concrete is Strong, Durable, and Resilient

The role of concrete in construction is to provide a solid base. From your foundation to your driveway, concrete will withstand a lot. It can withstand extreme temperatures, wind, and a lot of weight.

It won’t rot and it is difficult to break. While concrete cracks, it is very easy to repair and can get wet without suffering any real damage. It remains resilient for years.

Concrete is Energy-Efficient in Production 

When concrete is used during production, it requires much less energy than other types of materials. It’s easy to mix, easy to pour, and dries quickly. Because it lasts so long and can be repurposed, concrete is really a green choice.

Concrete is Versatile

Today’s concrete is not just a large grey slab. One of the great benefits of concrete in construction is it can be made into any shape or size. Concrete can be dyed, painted, and stamped. 

Used for floors, it can be shiny and colourful. It can be made to resemble other materials, and this includes textures and finishes. It can be used for construction forms, stairs, patios, walkways, and anything else you need.

Concrete Compared to Other Construction Materials

When compared to other materials concrete stands out. 

Wood looks great but is susceptible to moisture, rot bugs, and is high maintenance. It can catch on fire and is weakened when wet or under pressure.

Bricks are sturdy but only as sturdy as the mortar being used. Because concrete is a solid mass, it is much more stable. Concrete can also be stamped to look like bricks.

Concrete in Construction

As you can see, concrete really is the perfect solution for all your construction needs. Here at Trihill Ltd, we offer full-service concrete solutions including construction forms, foundations, walls, drainage, and more for all your residential and commercial construction needs.

Contact us today to get started on your new construction project and let us show you what we can do with concrete! 

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